Rate Increment for 2022

Dear Valued Customer,

May I begin by thanking you for your continued business throughout 2021. It is fair to say this year has been the most difficult test we could have ever imagined in terms of logistics’, UK and EU customs organisation and EU parcel migration. We understand that it is our responsibility here at Olympex Global to present value to our customers; therefore, we have spent much of our attention in the last two years on scaling back costs wherever possible and streamlining efficiencies to push back against the rising cost environment. In addition, we have invested in the following, as our goal remains to be “best in class” and to provide you with a high level of choice and service without compromising our standards.

  • Virtually exclusive use of UK & world ‘integrator delivery parcel services’ giving enhanced delivery performance
  • Customer Services Team Training and development to deal with the ever changing rules of a post-Brexit arrangement
  • Orders are placed for brand new ‘all electric’ courier vans for use in Central London to reduce vehicle emissions
  • Implementation of the use of recyclable courier pouches made from plant based materials

We will continue to streamline our operations to maintain long-term sustainability. Innovation and technology, ‘going green’ for London and resolving post-Brexit issues have been the key strategic areas of focus for our business throughout 2021 and will remain as such in 2022.

You are aware that we work very closely with industry leading partners to be able to provide you with both service quality and choice. Their prices are adjusted on an annual basis, influenced by many factors such as inflation and investments in their business. We (Olympex) will be raising our prices for UK overnight and international air courier express services by 5% for existing customers in 2022 but I am delighted to state that there will be no increase in UK & London sameday prices.

Should you have any questions in relation to these price adjustments, please feel free to contact one of our company Account Managers.

In closing, my personal thanks once again for your business in 2021 and on behalf of all management and staff here at Olympex Global I wish you a great end to 2021 and a safe and successful 2022.

Yours Sincerely