Christmas Shipping with Olympex Global

Important information regarding shipping with us during the festive period.

EORI Number

If you are looking to send non document items we will require your EORI number. If you haven’t yet registered for one, you can do so online by using the following link

Please be advised this mandatory for all international and European destinations.

HS Codes/Commodity Codes

Every item you include on your commercial invoice must have an HS code or commodity code.

You need a commodity code to ensure that your goods can be processed through international customs departments, failure to include this information will result in processing delays.

Please use the below link to search up your commodity code.

Trade Tariff: look up commodity codes, duty and VAT rates – GOV.UK (

Courier Stationary

If you would like to receive more of the cardboard white document wallets, plastic pouches or sticky window envelopes please would you inform us as soon as you possibly can.


As the festive season approaches us rather quickly, many of you will send shipments that will contain fragile items. Please can you ensure that you provide adequate packaging (bubble wrapped or tri-wall cardboard) for these fragile items as they are entering into the international transit delivery networks. We at Olympex Global can provide a packaging service here at London Heathrow, please just ask any member of our Customer Services team for advice and assistance and we will only be too happy to help. Please also be advised that additional packaging requested of Olympex Global may obviously delay any express transit time, so plenty of notice would be really appreciated.

Sending multiple shipments

Please contact the Customer Services Team for a booking template (an excel spreadsheet) for any worldwide distributions over the festive period for 10 or more shipments that you are wishing to send on the very same day or the next working day.


Olympex Global insures ALL international & UK overnight shipments free of charge up to the value of £50. If there is any additional insurance required, please do not hesitate to contact us here in London Heathrow on 0844 318 0777 or and we will be happy to provide a quote for you. Our normal charge for £850.00 of insurance cover is ONLY £20.

Prohibited items

There are many restrictions in place as to what you can and cannot send to various worldwide countries in terms of foods and beverages. Please would you contact us here at the Olympex Global Customer Services to try and gain some clarity on your specific request.

Perishable Goods

Any Goods liable to waste, deterioration or spoilage, and includes without limitation fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat, and animals will be classed as prohibited items.

Wine/Alcohol Shipping

A detailed Commercial invoice must show, the following. Brand name, quantity in litres/ml and alcoholic strength by volume, the Country of manufacture and unit price of each item.

Certain destinations require the following-  The consignee must be a licensed, commercial alcoholic beverage importer and must hold the applicable state and the Import Certificate of Authorisation for each shipment. Please contact the customer service team for any questions.

Worldwide Customs

With heightened security measures in place in all worldwide airports and cargo/freight warehouses it is of extreme importance to get your global shipping ‘paperwork’ correct. When you ship to a non-European Union country you will have to submit a pro-forma invoice stating what you are sending, the value of what you are sending and why you are sending the particular item. Other useful ideas to assist with the customs process are for you to print off the pro-forma invoice on your company letter headed paper, sign the pro-forma invoice, mention your EORI number and VAT number on the pro-forma invoice, a copy of the purchase receipt of the item can also be very helpful and print at least two copies for submission.

London Sameday Bike & Van Service

During the festive period we have traditionally found that the sameday London service is heavily used. Although we do add additional motorbikes and vans to the sameday circuit to cope with the increased demand we do see at times a ‘stop’ on the EXPRESS service and some lengthier delays in the standard delivery service than we would ideally like. With this in mind could we kindly ask for a degree in patience with some pick-up and delivery times during December. This would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.