Prices 2023

Dear Valued Customer,

May I begin by thanking you for your continued business throughout 2022. Your loyalty means so much to us and I hope we have been successful in meeting your expectations by providing you with service excellence.
It has been another disruptive year for all businesses with soaring inflation, labour shortages, high fuel costs, unstable market conditions and fluctuating exchange rates. The UK is still adjusting to life outside of the EU.
Despite these challenges, we have continued to offer new innovative, flexible and reliable solutions to our customers. We have been moving with speed and agility to navigate this difficult operating environment managing to stay ahead of these unpredictable circumstances.
We know that it is our responsibility to add value to our customers’ business; therefore, like last year we have focused our attention on streamlining efficiencies to push back against the rising cost environment.
We have invested in so many great changes this year as our goal remains to be “best in class” and to provide you with a high level of choice and customer service that you can depend upon.

A focus on improving our Customer Experience by investing in people and technology through recruitment, people development and new CRM tools. You will soon see our account management team providing you with new information on a new, streamlined, online booking system.
New partnerships with Integrators and direct final mile injections into premium carriers for big eCommerce trade-lane countries. eCommerce demand and the continuous drive to be able to offer customers the best choice of deliveries is a given.
A New Carrier Management Team was created to enable us to both reactively and proactively manage our carriers’ performance and relationships with greater confidence cutting disruptions to our business and our customers’ businesses.
Warehouse & office move – we are moving to a larger office and sorting facility / warehousing in February 2023. This will enable us to provide a wider platform for delivery and sustainability for all.
Continually worked on Sustainability and Green Fleet Strategy as per our delivery agents specifications.

People, Innovation and Technology have been the key strategic areas of focus for our business throughout 2022 and will remain as such in 2023. You are aware that we work very closely with industry-leading partners to be able to provide you with both service quality and choice. Their prices are adjusted on an annual basis, influenced by many factors such as inflation and investments in their business. I am writing to share with you the 2023 price adjustment of a rise of 7% on all international air courier express & UK overnight courier services. This increment is several percentage(s) lower than some main integrators that we utilise the delivery services of.

If you would like to talk further about the price rises, please feel free to speak to one of our Account Managers in our Stanwell Moor offices.

Finally, I wish all Olympex Global customers a very joyful Christmas and happy new year!

Yours Sincerely

Gail Heather
Company Secretary