New Customs Regulations – Jordan

As per the recent Jordanian customs regulations it is mandatory to provide a valid consignee ID number for individual shipments when sending into Jordan.

This information should be alerted to us by email ( A valid ID should consist of:

  • National ID Number for Jordanians: 10 numeric characters starting with 2 or 9
  • Residency Number for non- Jordanians: 8 to 10 numeric characters

Kindly note that in case a valid ID was not alerted, the shipment will be automatically intercepted and held at London Heathrow. An email will be sent to the consignee to fill in their Id details.

Once the consignee completes the required information, the shipment will be given a release and be on forwarded for delivery.

It is very important we obtain this information from you prior to us receiving your parcel.

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Services team.