2021 Rate Increase

Dear Customer,

Firstly, thank you for your continued support throughout 2020.  I know it’s been a rollercoaster ride for many companies.

When we all look back at the unbelievable changes that Covid-19 has thrust upon us, I am both pleased and proud of how Olympex Global has weathered this storm; proud of how the whole team at Olympex Global has adapted to new working conditions and coped with the difficulties those restrictions have demanded, pleased that we have developed new products to help customers engage and stay ahead of the boom in home delivered services.

The hope now, is that a vaccine can be delivered into the population to control this virus.

The next opportunity coming our way is Brexit and crucial to this will be the flow of data between both our companies’ systems. Olympex Global’s agents / global integrators have invested heavily this year in Customs teams and changes to our databases to allow for the transmission of verified and relevant data into our carriers and Customs authorities, to enable smooth access into Europe.  You will have seen communications from us already on this and what’s needed from you to make the new Brexit requirements live (gaining EORI numbers and the use of detailed Commercial Invoices to all EU destinations).  There are teams of people here at Olympex ready to help make this transition work.

Many carriers have already increased their costs this year to cope with both Covid-19 and the upcoming Brexit investments. Our principal European carrier remains DHL, we have a great partnership with them and believe the services they deliver remains industry leading

Next year (effective from January 1st) we will be increasing our prices by 4.5% for all UK overnight, European and global express shipments. It is our understanding that DHL and FedEx have increased their prices by 4.9% for Air, Road, Imports, and Returns.

Although we have managed to keep all other surcharges unchanged, there is a new unavoidable Brexit surcharge that all major carriers (our shipping suppliers) are applying.  This applies to all parcels to the European Union (not documents) and is charged at £4.50 for the first half kilo and £0.25 per additional half kilo thereafter.

On our UK Domestic service, there will be a 4.5% increase on the DHL service we provide all customers with, There are currently no increases on our UK and London sameday services or chauffeur car service.

I know nobody likes rate increases, but there have been major investments made in our industry to keep these services running well for the future.

We know you have choice in the market, and we value your continued support. We have always felt we, as a company, offer an extremely flexible, cost effective option against the ‘larger brand’ global carriers and a dedicated Customer Service Team where you can speak to the same person, day in, day out if you so wish.

Thank you for the confidence you place in Olympex Global and we look forward to supporting you in driving forward together in 2021.

Kind regards,

H Singh

Operations Director